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Monday, January 10, 2011

Get-together at SSC on 7th Jan'11

Meet up with Kavan Wijesinghe and C. H. Mendis visiting from over seas. Added bonus, Neomal Dias Abeysinghe, RAE Amerasekera and RT Fernando also turn. Nesa and Peter turn up like band pennies just a few minutes before I had to leave.

BCG De Zylva, DP Dissa, Weera and Neomal Dias Abeysinghe
Weera and Neomal Dias Abeysinghe and R.A.E Amerasekara
Kavan Wijesinghe, Jagdish Mirchandani and Neomal Dias Abeysinghe
R.T. Fernando, C. H. (Hiran) Mendis and B.C.G. De Zylva
JAI (Asitha) Perera and Paddy Mendis
Kavan Wijesinghe and Rajapakse
Kavan and Sepala
LR: BCG, Nesa Gnanaratnam, Charith Abeysekara, Rajasingham, CH and Kavan
Rajan Rajasingham
CH, Kavan, RAE and DP Dissa

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