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Thursday, January 1, 2004

Class of 74 Website: Initial reactions

Hi All,
Finally got around to putting up a website for the class of 74.

I have added the emails as well, with an .stc ending, to prevent prevent automated email
farming by spam operators. If anyone does not want their email listed let me know and Ill remove it.

Please, send other photographs etc and I'll add them as time permits.



From "lakmal seneviratne"
Hi Barr,

Thank you for this. Great stuff.

I noted that DHS Perea has passed away in 2003. Do you have any more info.

I plan to visit NY next month and it would be great if we could meet.



Sereno Barr-Kumar wrote:

> Lakmal, Hensman,
> Given that both have been suggesting meeting in NY, probably
> an good oppurtunity to let you know I have been in Sri Lanka
> since June last year.
> It was time to sit down and think what I was going to do with
> the rest of my life (a mid life crisis!!). One of the things was
> a place I could retire, and before it became too expensive in
> SL. That seems to be falling into place, have a look at
> in a few weeks time.
> Some other changes as well. I'll keep you informed as they too work
> out. Lakmal, Maybe you and Hensman could meet up. Hensman lives out in RI.
> Of couse Hensman and I never met as it always seemed possible at any time.
> Hensman, I added your photos too to the Ravi Kuruppu directory. Wiil
> rearrange later.
> More Later
> barr

Dear Barr,

Can you please let me have all the email addresses of our group that you
may have to enable me update my address book.

Can you believe that Lakmal Seneviratne made contact with me and is
expected in July/August 2004. We must make arrangements to get as many
together and meet up on his arrival.