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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Royal Thomian 2011: Family Members

Photos of children, womenfolk etc. There were many more family, but it seem the guys were busy photographing themselves and collegemates!

Joe Rajadurai's son and Neranjani (Chanaka Atukorales wife)

Joe Rajadurais son and ?

Mohan Kanndanearatchy and Daughters. Mohan is not the one at the corners.
Brindley de Zylva and Daughter. This is the family of the Worlds Strictest Parents fame. In four parts, Part 1 here
Rohan Edirisinghe and Son

Sudantha Amaratunge and Son
Eric Wickramanayake's daughter and Wife (photo from Weera)
Eric Wickramanayake, daughter and Wife (photo from Weera)


?, ?
Judy de Silva the erstwhile singer at the Stallions.


Unknown said...

Hey Barr, should be Eric Wikramanayake's wife and daughter! My niece would be sooo offended!
Great pics! Wish I could have been there.

sbarrkum said...

Fixed, I blame it on the evils of drink (and maybe copy paste).

weera said...

Machang never seen u r bro, eric so drunk at the match. he promised to come & coaxed me to be at CR&FC for the after match party. i didn't come as i was too high & eric - not only he did not come but doesn't even remember going home!! the last i saw of him at ssc, was when i took the photos.