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Friday, May 29, 2009


Date: Thu, 28 May 2009 01:59:41 -0700
Subject: S.Thomas' College Mount Lavinia OBA Membership Appeal


Dear Fellow Thomian,
This letter is to update you on the Old Boys' Association of your dear 'School by the Sea'.
This institution, which is in par to the great name of S. Thomas' College has been in existence since 1886 and has been supporting the College in its' activities. The purposes of an OBA are to "…increase the sense of fellowships in Old Boys both with one another and with the College, to promote the good works among them, and to afford guidance and encouragement to the younger generation" (Resolution at the First AGM). Needless to say, it constantly strengthens and builds many friendships fine and free.
The OBA is currently in the arduous process of updating its' Membership Database- Alumni, with a new computerized system which is to be also utilized for the greater benefit for the College as well. In doing so we hope to constantly keep you informed of various activities of both the College as well as its daughter organizations including the OBA itself. Moreover this would also increase the horizons, the boundaries of the Thomian Community and would help you to re-link with your old acquaintances scattered all over the world in various walks of life.

Warden de Alwis said 'The Interest of the College must give way to all other interest. When you help the College, please do not expect anything in return. We all owe the College something...... Remember the College is bigger than all of us put together. With or without us the College will go on. May we contribute together to its' glory.'

We bear the noblese oblige of supporting the College and its' affiliations in whatever capacity we could render. This is required of us as stated in the last stanza of out College anthem:

'When into the world we go
For our life's career,
As the call of duty sounds,
We will answer clear….'

In plight of many lapses that have been there in the past and with consideration of the deficiencies in the completeness of the existing Thomian database, we have thought of making appeal to you for your correspondence. We would also like to welcome you to join the Old Boys' Association as life members as well. (Please see below)
We would be grateful if you could please spend a few moments and fill in the details mentioned below & mail it to . It is NOT necessary for you to be a current member of the OBA.
1.Name with Titles and initials 2.Full Name
3.Date of Birth
4.Year of joining college 5.Year of leaving college
6.OBA membership number (if you are currently a member)
7.College Admission Number (This would be helpful in confirmation)
8.Profession/ Occupation
9.Residential Address 10.Work Address
11.Telephone number 12.Mobile
13. eMail
Please feel free to forward this letter to other Thomians known to you.
Thank you.
Esto Perpetua,
Dr. F H D Shehan Silva & Dr. B Arosha O Wijewickrama
(ExCo Members -20-30 age group – 2009/2010)
Through : Mr Udaya Guneratne (Hony. Secretary- 2009/2010, STCML OBA)

OBITER DICTA – Life Membership of the STC ML OBA
For those who are not members of the OBA -
We would like to advocate you to join the OBA…. Spend a few moments of your time and attempt to obtain the membership as soon as possible. It has come to our sad notice that the many of the 'young' old boys of the 20-30 age group are still not members. Please do not postpone your decision until it concerns your son's admission to college. Please also do not consider supporting the OBA until you mature of age. It need not be in financial benefits or whether you are in Sri Lanka or not. The College and the OBA are in NEED of your SUPPORT!
Membership Fees

Please Visit or contact Mr. Dilanka Mathew (Administrative Secretary) on Tel : +94-11-4944530, +94-11-4955047 or email to (Working Hours - Mon - Sat 7:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. Closed on Sundays and Public Holidays)

A Thought For the Thomian Old Boy

"For what is it which brings you here-men of different ages, pursuits, circumstances? Why have the Old Boys of the College seen fit to form themselves into a society? It is not merely, I believe, a sentimental attraction towards a place where your early years were spent; not merely an affection for those who were your companions in those years; not merely a wish to renew old associations. Am I wrong in attributing your attachment to this place to something more than this-to your consciousness that you gained something here which has been of priceless value to you throughout life? You gained some good here. Men with all the responsibility and cares of life upon them would never come together, as you have done today, unless the memories evoked by the occasion were memories of good received. Something you received when here, which has in varying degrees remained with you all through life, however the troubles or anxieties of life may have tended to obscured it-something which has helped you in your hour of need and care and trial, something which, however much you may have lost sight of it yourself, you long that your children should receive."

Warden Miller
(Founder Warden - STC ML OBA)
Old Boys' day, 1888

Dharman Hensman