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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Pat Jacobs meet up at NS Silvas

Peter, Phyliss and Nethsingha
Standing: Sajith Dantanarayana, NS Silva
Seated: ? and Shantha Weerakoon
?, Nethsingha, Geetha (Pats sister), Pat Jacob, Geethas daughter, Danta and DP Dissanayake in the background
Bisa Ranchigoda, Geethas Friend, Geethas Daughter and Geetha
Standing: Peter
Seated: Herman Tillekaratne, Mendaka Samarasinghe, Sepala Jayasinghe, ?
Anil Welikala, Weera, Sunderaj, Pat and Wijemanne
Standing: Ranmal, ?, Mahadiwulwewa, Wijemanne, Nethasinghe
Steated: DP Dissa, Suraj Dandeniya, Pat, Herman Tikka
ground: ?
Rajan Sundararaj, Pat and Wijemanne
Standing in the back: Anil Welikala, Herman Tikka.
Front:DP Dissa, Sundararaj, Pat and Wijemanne
Ground: ?
Sajith Dantanarayana and Family
Dissa, ?, Ranmal
Back Geethas Son, Pat: Front
SVM, Pat, NS (Standing), Kapila Waidiyaratne, ?, : In front Wijemanne

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Meet up with Senadeera

Ran into Senadeera (Suresh) at a little short eat joint in Ratmalana. Arranged to meet up that weekend on short notice at Havelocks. (Hint: Please let some one know (Weera, Peter etc) at least a few days earlier. Jayamanne (Sanath B.R.) this is a message to you too).

The regular crowd was there. Unhappily the English medium crowd including Lalvani and Gosti did not turn up.

Ended up at the CR&FC Jazz thing thanks to Jagdesh (probably is of different mind) and ran into RAI Elapata.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Peter does Australia

Photos taken between 20th and 30th April 2010

Trevor Chapman & Peter.
Ainsley (Dilo) Harichandran. One yr senior to us and from Claughton House. Nesa Gnanaratnam. Peter. Ranjan Thambar.