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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Pat Jacob's Party @ N.S.Silva's -2010-12-05

Nethsinghe, "Biysa" Ranchigoda (Senior to us), Sepala

Front Row - Pat Jacob, Barr, "Brandy" Chandana Wijemanne.
Back Row - Mendaka Samarasinghe, Parakrama Disa, Sepala J, Herman Tikka,

Monday, March 21, 2011

Manoj Herath: Savior of Royal Thomian Day 1 and 2 photos

If it were not for Manoj Herath we would not have the Day 1 and Day 2 photos of the Royal Thomian (132nd). I had dropped the camera in the CH&FC club while stumbling back home on the second day of the match. Manoj Herath picked up the camera, informed Piyadasa the bartender that a camera was found.

On the evening of the third day of the match I went back to the CH&FC, Piyadasa the bartender informed me a camera had been found and a couple of days later I had the camera back.

Manoj plays hockey for CH&FC. He was one of the youngest Police SI's. Apparently he has been under interdiction for a few years. If anyone who reads this can help him get his job back, that would simply be great. You can contact Manoj Herath at 077-2290987.

Manoj Herath

Piyadasa the bartender at CH&FC

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Royal Thomian 2011: Family Members

Photos of children, womenfolk etc. There were many more family, but it seem the guys were busy photographing themselves and collegemates!

Joe Rajadurai's son and Neranjani (Chanaka Atukorales wife)

Joe Rajadurais son and ?

Mohan Kanndanearatchy and Daughters. Mohan is not the one at the corners.
Brindley de Zylva and Daughter. This is the family of the Worlds Strictest Parents fame. In four parts, Part 1 here
Rohan Edirisinghe and Son

Sudantha Amaratunge and Son
Eric Wickramanayake's daughter and Wife (photo from Weera)
Eric Wickramanayake, daughter and Wife (photo from Weera)


?, ?
Judy de Silva the erstwhile singer at the Stallions.

Royal Thomian 2011: Photos from Chanaka Atukorale

Photos from Chanaka Atukorale. R

Joe Rajadurai and Son

Sudantha, ? and Chanaka
Joe's Son and Neranjani (Chanaka Atukorales wife)

Mohan Kanndanearatchy and ?
? and ?

Joe, Mohan and Chanaka
Joes son and ?
Mohan, Avi, Sudantha, ? and Joe

Nigel and Joe
Avi De Silva

Mohan, Some Drunk, Joe and Sudantha
Sudantha and ?

Sudantha, ?, ? and Iqbal Cafoor
? son in front
Rienzie Perera

Monday, March 14, 2011

OBA Day Feb 2011

Photos from college and the OTSC

Asitha Perera, SVM De Mel, Michael Illangakoon, Barr and Richard Simon

Mr. Edirisinghe
Walking up toward the Dining Hall
The Library
Swimming Pool and New (as in then) Science Block
Dining Hall

The crowds enjoying, Beef Curry, Parripu, Boiled Egg and Pol Sambol. It was pretty good, quite liked it.
Looking from Dining Hall toward Miller Chapman
From near library, with Dining hall in background to the right
Up Lavos, inside looks worse as in cleanliness than our days. OBA maybe time to give it a face lift. Update: Kumar David says this area will be used to "construct a new commerce block which will house twenty classrooms. The building alone will cost about Rs75 million and state of the art equipment another Rs25 million."
Duck Pond. No duck, lotus flowers or for that matter much water. This and the Up Lavos take away an almost picture perfect campus.
Bathrooms, pretty clean and fancy
Old Book Shop
Chemistry Lab, New Science Lab
Sajith Dantanarayana's son
Wickramarachi and Aponso at OTSC
? and RS Perera at OTSC
Muttetuwagama, Chanaka Atukorale, Raneel Wijesinghe and ? at OTSC
? at OTSC
RS Perera, Mr Jayawickrama and ?
The Wilson Brothers with Lechtumraj in the middle at OTSC