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Monday, August 4, 2008

Greetings from Thiru

Convey my greetings and best wishes to shiran for his wonderful pictures.
I can only remember half the guys i think the guys from  grade 1.
I am finding it difficult to send e mails to all the guys the e mail is getting rejected because of one or two addresses.
I can remember Roy being one.
Please forward this e mail to all the guys and I want to  know if any of the guys are in the uk or in london to be precise.
Last week to keep the spirits up thulasi came from Sri Lanka.
We had a dinner at my place there was also another  old Thomian with us so we sang the college anthem as loud as we could.
It was fantastic and all those fantastic memories came back to me.
What a fantastic college.


Greetings from Ravin

I am sorry I could not make it. I could just imagine the fun, you all would have had, mainly the meeting and remembering the good old days of growing up at S.T. C.

Please convey my regards to Shiran. We played Hockey together.If Iam correct he had had 2 older brother's,  who too played Hockey for College. They are related to the the Wijayasooriya brothers, who all did sports from Barnes Ave.Mt. Lavinia. I spoke to Rukmal W. in Sydney, Australia, when I was on holiday.

Suresh B. , I met his Parents when they were in Toronto.Canada.

I spoke to Hensman a couple of months ago. I also was able to speak to Ravi Kuruppu and William Hendricus.

All those names bring back memories.

Thanks for sending copies of the E-mail's.


(Lyman Duraiswamy)

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Greetings from PN (Niral) Fernando

Many happy Returns!!!

You who have been a part of my earliest days enriched my life in many different ways and still through recollection and association the pleasure continues…

 I am sorry I could not make it to join in the celebrations but will be with you in spirit!

So from the earliest of days from Form I b – day 1 – back bench –flanked by Weerasooriya (Mahasiri)  and Amarasinghe (Lakshan) with 'Bamboo David;s introduction to 'The man and his Cheeses' to the final days in Coll Forms filled with many episodes too numerous to mention - it was a priviledge-

Therefore my friends,


 May your stories be many,

                       Your feelings run deep

 Those were our days

                       They're still ours to keep

No matter where we be

                       We remember with pleasure

Old mates, Old times

                       …and that old school by the sea



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