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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Athula Wickka and Babu Kumaratne in Miami

I realize it is a year since had any photos on the blog. One of the reasons is that my current camera plays up in low light, i.e. the photos are blurred.  The other is that out here near the jungles of Wilpattu where I live, all I have is a 2G connection. My link to the rest of the world is as slow as a modem a decade back.

Anyway many have us have not seen Babu for over 30 years. Babu visited Athula Wickka a few days back. So courtesy of Athula Wickka, we have a current photo.   Babu looks no different from many years back.  As Weera says "he may look a bit older (who doesn't?) than i remember, but his talk is still the same old Babu".

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